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Hello! My name is Mamta Jain, I am a mother by heart and a founder by passion at Memaw Care.
Our vision is to promote women’s health and well-being by bringing back traditional food practices that have been passed down for generations. We believe that by using traditional ingredients and techniques, we can create food products that nourish the body and the soul. Our goal is to provide women with wholesome and delicious options that support their health goals and allow them to connect with their heritage.
We believe that we have the healthiest, tastiest, and traditionally made food products to solve new mothers’ health problems after childbirth. You must have heard of the right to live or the right to vote, but we here are to fight for the right to proper nutrition for new mothers to make them stronger and healthier.
Why did I start MeMaw Care? As you may be aware, during pregnancy and post child birth, a mother’s body undergoes many changes due to which body imbalance happens. A mother can face a lot of physical and mental health problems post-childbirth. I faced a similar situation because I was staying away from home and my mother or mother-in-law was not with me and it made very difficult to take care of my diet and care to recover post childbirth.
Physical problems can be like constipation, digestion, menstrual disorders, blood circulation, skin, lactation, immunity, muscle fatigue, respiratory problems, and weakness.
Mental problems like anxiety and depression are also very common among new mothers.
There are so many studies done across many countries related to postpartum health issues. In one such study, more than 69% of women were found to have at least one physical problem post childbirth, 45% of these women were reported to have at least one problem of moderate to major severity; and 20% of those women were reported to have a problem of major severity.
Now you may be thinking we were born in the land where Gandhari gave 100 births to children and why only Gandhari? Our grand-grandparents had 5-8 children, so why didn’t they face such problems? The answer lies within over 1000 years of traditional recipes which were given to new mothers in order to avoid such health issues.
But nowadays, due to various reasons such as lack of awareness or knowledge, staying far away from family and busy working schedule or even forgetting mother’s health due to arrival of new baby, new generation mothers are not able to get proper diet and care post childbirth, which makes them prone to such health issues.
In order to prevent such health issues, MeMaw products are made using traditional recipes with adequate, authentic, and rich ingredients for new generation mothers, which can be ordered easily from anywhere from our online store.

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