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Launch your startup to new heights at the Innovators Launchpad! This dynamic networking mixer empowers early-stage startups and individual founders with the essential skills to craft bullet proof business plans and deliver pitches that win over VCs, incubators, and investors. Not only will you gain in valuable insights from industry experts through panel discussions and networking sessions, but you’ll also put your learnings into action by pitching your venture directly to potential funders – securing critical feedback and potentially unlocking the door to your next major milestone.


  1. AI, LLM, and MLM: This niche highlights innovations in advanced language models, and machine learning to unveil solutions shaping the future of artificial intelligence.
  2. Sustainability and Social Enterprises: This niche invites businesses engaged in creating social impact, addressing environmental challenges, and contributing to a sustainable future.
  3. Healthcare: Encompasses innovations disrupting the industry, introducing solutions to patient care, and transforming medical services.
  4. Women-focused Startups: Women-focused startups bring diverse perspectives and innovations to the forefront, driving change and fostering inclusivity across various sectors.

These niches merely serve as a compass for our focus areas. We are open to startups across different domains that exhibit exceptional potential and groundbreaking innovations.


Date: 8th April 2024 Time: 01:00 PM onwards

Venue: Taj Mahal, New Delhi

ItemTime Allotted (minutes)Remarks
Welcome Address10The moderator’s introduction of all attendees to the event benefits, investors, and startup owners. It offers an opportunity to gain recognition, establish connections, showcase expertise, and operate in a credible event environment.
Talk/Workshop60We plan to feature renowned speakers in this session for mentorship.
Pitches90Investors will hear concise, 3-minute pitches to quickly grasp the core ideas, business models, and value propositions of multiple startups. Then, 3-minute Q&A sessions allow them to interact with founders and seek additional insights.
HighTea & Network MixerProviding an opportunity for startups and panelists to network and interact will be mutually beneficial. Startups gain access to mentorship, recognition, and potential collaborations, while panelists benefit from exposure to innovative ideas, potential investment opportunities, and the satisfaction of contributing to a supportive startup ecosystem.


Gain Access to a Diverse Pool of Innovative Ventures at Innovators Launchpad 2024. This intimate gathering in New Delhi’s Taj Palace brings together just 15 high-potential startups with industry leaders, VCs, angel investors, and incubators – primed to ignite your growth journey.

  • Market Insights: By evaluating a diverse range of pitches, investors can gain insights into what Young India is building.
  • Media Coverage: We are planning to host prominent media houses that will offer comprehensive coverage to elevate the visibility and recognition of your brand.
  • Influence on the Startup Ecosystem: Provide strategic guidance, and foster collaborative networks to drive mutual success.
  • Community Engagement: Investors can actively engage with the startup community by demonstrating their commitment to fostering innovation. This engagement will not only enhance your reputation but also position you as a key player in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.
  • Investment Opportunities: Platform that enables startups to access funding and mentoring opportunities by organizing investment rounds and offering personalized coaching from experienced professionals. (Access to pioneering startups)

Help us mentor the future custodians of The India Story. We look forward to hosting you and collaboratively adding a fruitful verse to The India Story.

Note: The Interested startups can directly write to Kotipalli Priyatej at Or call him at 9000392317

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