Datakatalyst Ventures LLP


Datakatalyst Ventures is an boutique Investment Banking Firm having offices at Pune and Delhi. In the last 6 years we have worked with more than 150 startups on various deals and advisory services. We have helped 26 startups from early stage to series B raising USD 78 Mn through equity dilution. We have also closed 8 M&A deals till date and have built a strong network of 500 plus global institutional investors.

We work together with founders and investors, facilitating honest and transparent collaborations by understanding of their vision and thesis. Thereby ensuring perfect match and maximum returns.

Startup Investment Stage

Revenue (Startup with MVP, Early Adopter/customers & Revenue), Ideation (Idea-stage startups), Pre-revenue (Startups Prototyping their Idea with no revenue), Growth (Startup with Customers & Revenue – Mature Stage)

Focus Sector

Domain agnostic but only technology product startups with PMF. No manufacturing, real estate, traditional trading or services businesses.

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