Engineering Manager

Neha Arora’s journey reflects the fusion of her roots and aspirations. Growing up in a lively Punjabi household near Delhi, she developed a love for both hearty meals and unraveling technical puzzles. With a degree in electronics and communication engineering, Neha’s professional studies led her to work with some of the notable global tech giants in the world namely – Infosys, HSBC, Fidelity International. She later joined Indian School of Business (ISB), where she refined her business acumen and analytical skills further.

Now part of the Amazon’s Engineering Team, Neha thrives in solving complex business challenges. Beyond her corporate role, she’s drawn to the excitement of startups and the intricacies of marketing, business development, product management, finance and geopolitics. Amidst her professional pursuits, Neha finds joy in her two nephews, grounding her in the importance of family and simple pleasures.

Neha’s story is one of resilience, curiosity, and a relentless pursuit of growth, both personally and professionally.


Project and Program Management; Technology; Product Management