SIDBI Cluster Intervention Program

In a bid to boost MSME cluster development, the Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI) has launched various initiatives focused on cluster development under its developmental ambit. The following clusters are included in the Cluster Intervention Program.

The cluster development strategy of SIDBI has gradually evolved over a period and it now caters to over 600 MSME clusters through its offices and supports the entire value chain. The holistic aim of the intervention is to strengthen the clusters to evolve as model clusters and also to increase MSMEs’ access to services thus making the supply chain more competitive.

Service sector clusters are likely being emphasized for the first time as part of this approach. Startup/ innovation clusters such as Delhi/ NCR Innovation cluster and Pune Innovation Cluster are amongst the adopted clusters under this program. As the name suggest these Innovation clusters aim to create a well-connected system of all innovation stakeholders.

Cluster Events

Launch of Pune Incubator Network

The development of the Startup/Innovation Cluster in Pune, as part of SIDBI’s Cluster Intervention Program, plays a crucial role in boosting the manufacturing sector and driving growth in Pune. The program is being anchored by Indian STEPs and Business Incubators Association (ISBA). By fostering collaboration among startups, incubators, and stakeholders, the cluster cultivates a culture of innovation, potentially leading to the creation of new technologies, processes, and products beneficial to manufacturing. Additionally, it provides startups and SMEs in manufacturing with essential resources like funding, mentorship, networking opportunities, and infrastructure, supporting their scalability and competitiveness. 

The cluster’s targeted interventions in business development services, such as market research, marketing strategies, legal assistance, and export support, enable manufacturing businesses to expand their market presence and seize new opportunities. Furthermore, the cluster’s emphasis on sustainability ensures that its initiatives continue to benefit the sector over the long term by promoting sustainable practices, technology adoption, and resilience.

Through its collaborative ecosystem, fostering partnerships and knowledge sharing among stakeholders, the cluster drives collective problem-solving, innovation clusters, and industry-wide advancements, contributing to a vibrant and dynamic manufacturing landscape in Pune. 

Under the same program, we have launched the Pune Incubator Network consisting of onboarding over 40 Incubators and ~800 start-ups on the common platform. This incubator network is transforming the Pune region as an Innovation hub by nurturing innovations, driving sustainable economic growth, and generating employment opportunities. The program aims to facilitate linkages of 1000+ start-ups with 25+ Investors and 50+ BDSPs and facilitate the investment of around ~50 Crores.

Overall, the Pune Startup/Innovation Cluster is poised to play a significant role in driving innovation, competitiveness, and growth within the product-based manufacturing sector in Pune, fostering a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Launch of Delhi NCR Incubator Network

Dr. Subhransu Sekhar Acharya, CGM, SIDBI emphasized on bringing a collaborative approach amongst the Incubators of the Delhi NCR region to enhance their competitiveness and to create a sustainable ecosystem for Delhi NCR startups and entrepreneurs. He also stressed on collaborating at the Global level by adopting the best practices of the Global incubators and supporting startups by providing access to the international markets.

Dr. Suresh, President, ISBA, highlighted the importance of adopting Co-Incubation model and providing Co-incubation support (Mentorship support, Co-Working space, Infrastructure facilities, etc.) to the startups incubated by Incubators of the Delhi NCR region to build their capacities.

As part of this network, the Incubators and startups of the Delhi NCR region shall have access to resources such as a Corporates, Mentors, Investors, Business Development Service providers, Capacity building programs, a Knowledge database consisting of policy and scheme-related databases, templates, and SOPs.

This Incubator Network aims to build the Delhi NCR region as an Innovation hub in the next 2 years by nurturing innovations, driving sustainable economic growth, and generating employment opportunities. Further, Cluster Intervention Program aims to facilitate linkages of 500+ startups with 25+ Investors and 50+ BDSPs and facilitate the investment of around ~50 Crores.


About Delhi NCR Incubator Network

The Delhi NCR Innovation cluster developed under SIDBI’s Cluster Intervention Program is platform driving collaborative engagements between Incubators, Startups, Mentors, Investors, Institutions, Corporates, and Business Development Service Providers (BDSPs). It serves as a strategic platform for Incubators and cluster stakeholders of the Delhi NCR region for fostering technological development across various focused sectors of the states and enhance the competitiveness of startups working together with Institutions, Corporates, Investors, Mentors, Service providers, and Accelerators.


The Delhi-NCR innovation cluster through this Let’s Startup platform aims to leverage the benefits of collaboration and shared learning leading to co-creation of innovative products and services. It further aims to facilitate access of various services to all the stakeholders with an intent of making the supply chains more competitive. The cluster approach is ideally poised to bring in self-sufficiency in the development and production of innovative products and services and can serve as a touchstone for similar interventions in other strategic sectors.

About Pune Startup / Innovation Cluster

The Pune Startup/Innovation Cluster, established under SIDBI’s Cluster Intervention Program, fosters collaborative efforts among incubators, startups, mentors, investors, academia, corporates, and business development service providers. This platform drives a vibrant hub of innovation and economic potential, supported by a dynamic ecosystem. It emphasizes tech-based manufacturing startups, aiming to revolutionize industry landscapes through innovation and efficiency.


The Pune startup/innovation cluster seeks to promote collaboration within the manufacturing startup ecosystem through a multifaceted approach. This strategy aims to leverage the benefits of collaboration and shared learning to co-create innovative products and services. Additionally, it strives to provide stakeholders with access to various services to enhance supply chain competitiveness.

Foundation for MSME Clusters (FMC)

The Foundation for MSME Clusters (FMC) assists institutions in undertaking effective and inclusive cluster based local area development in developing and transition economies. It specializes in promotion of MSMEs through cluster and value chain led development. FMC was promoted as a Registered Trust with the technical support of a then UNIDO Cluster Development Programme, in June 2005.

In India, FMC has worked/working with around 200 MSME clusters, done/got done studies/research in another 150 MSME clusters and worked with 250 Business Membership Organizations (BMOs). FMC and its experts have also provided training, handholding and research on cluster development in 16 other countries across the globe. FMC activities are implemented by 4 cells: Policy and Research, Infrastructure and Governance, Marketing and BMO Promotion and, Energy and Environment.

About Our Incubator Network Partner (ISBA)

Indian STEPs & Business Incubators Association (ISBA) was established in the year 2004 with the support of the Department of Science & Technology, having a PAN-India network of 120+ business incubators. ISBA is committed to working towards the overall development of the incubation ecosystem and contributing its members to the economic development of the country. 

About ISBA

This Delhi-NCR incubator network under the Delhi NCR innovation cluster shall be anchored by Indian STEPs & Business Incubator Association (ISBA) to create a conducive startup ecosystem by addressing the cluster challenges as a whole and focusing on providing networking opportunities, Internationalization support, collective capacity/ expertise development, technology transfer, knowledge exchange (technical, financial, and management), facilitating MoUs, connect with ecosystem players such as CPSEs, Corporates, Angel Investors, financial institutions, and industry experts.

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Incubators - Pune Cluster

Incubator Network Objectives

Capacity Building of Incubators
Knowledge and Resource Sharing
Co-incubation Support
Accelerating investments/ growth of startups
Promotion of Innovation
Fostering International Collaboration
Business enhancement of women-led startups
Augmentation of Incubator Infrastructure
Fundraising opportunities
Linkage with Mentors and BDSPs

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