BillionAbles Ventures Pvt. Ltd

Billionables Venture Private Limited (“Company”) is a boutique investment advisory firm with the objective of advising startups, early-stage companies and established businesses operating in Assistive technology sector which are working on innovative solutions to the issues faced by disabled and elderly population. Assistive Technology will include all kinds of assistive, rehabilitative, and adaptive devices and technologies which will increase, maintain, or improve the functional capabilities of the persons with any kind of disabilities or the elderly population._x000d_
Billionables Venture will assist such for profit social enterprises by helping them in their next level of growth by providing them the required capital and management expertise. It will assist in fund raising at attractive terms from reputed investors and will also provide handholding, business development and management expertise related consultancy and advisory services to ensure proper transition to the next level of growth. The Company is promoted by individuals who have strong inclination, experience, and penchant in making positive impact in the lives of persons with disabilities (“PWD”) and elderly people.

Domain: Investment Banking
Stage: Idea

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