IDR Research and Development Pvt. Ltd

In India, drones are being used for multiple purposes. Military surveillance and law enforcement are the major areas where drones are being used in large numbers but Unfortunately, In India, for maintaining law and order and for day and night surveillance India is still using Chinese-origin drones or drones from other countries. Team IDR aims to change this situation starting right now. By using our skills and ideas we are soon coming up with our very first two drones Agochar MK-1 and Doot MK-1. Our Small drone Agochar Mk-1 (weight 3 kg) is best suited for outdoor day and night surveillance as well as for maintaining law and order. We are performing various tasks and operations on Agochar Mk-1 so that it can be the best substitute in Indian Market for such missions or operations. Our nano drone Doot MK-1 (Weight Under less than 250 gms) is best suited for any indoor military operation or any indoor operation. Doot MK-1 is our potential drone that fulfills all the needs of paramilitary forces for any indoor ISR (intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance) missions. We recently demonstrated both drone prototypes to UP Police, Indian Army, and 9 Para SF and we got very positive feedback what we need is funds and resources so that we can enter the real market.

Domain: Drone Technology

Stage: Revenue

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