Vivek Agrawal

The primary objective of the initiative is to enhance the earning of the farmers by enabling them to get better deals for agri produce sales via our digital platform. Also, to improve overall farming process by educating & supporting farmer to adopt new technologies, farming methods such as hydroponics, aeroponics & vertical farming, Organic farming and explore new financial support options.
Concept is to use the power of Information Technology vehicle packaged with Offline Services to deliver our innovative solution for the problems faced by farmers. We use technology-based application enabling farmers to directly make primary sales transaction with Industrialists & exporters to get better returns.
We provide offline services for storage, weighing, transportation & quality check enabling execution of online transaction. The Bidding process ensures both parties get best deal basis market dynamics.
We use technology-based solution to educate the farmers for new methodologies (technology, farming methods, financing options), adopt organic farming. Leverage networking & offline services to support farmers adopt new methodologies so that they can devote their full efforts to farming and get the most out of their time.

Domain: Agri-Tech
Stage: Validation

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