SIDBI Young Environmental Champion Challenge

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LAST DATE TO APPLY: 21st Oct 2023

Program Details:

The program aims to celebrate the innovations and innovative ideas in the domain of cleanliness and waste management from the entrepreneurs, budding startups (idea stage), researchers and college students at the Rashtriya Swachhta Diwas. The reward-based program for the young entrepreneurs aims to recognise the potential ideas in the waste management domain with an objective of further nurturing and developing these ideas to create impactful solutions.

The aim is to reward the top 6 innovative ideas from entrepreneurs operating in the following thematic areas:

  • Innovative business models-to make waste management economically sustainable
  • Innovative methods for waste management in educational institutions
  • Responsible waste management practices
  • E-waste, food waste and biomedical waste management
  • Waste to energy solutions & recycling technologies
  • Waste reduction, upcycling, and repurposing

The selected startups/ innovators will get the recognition as SIDBI Environment Champions and will receive a certificate each under the program.

Program Benefits:

  • Shortlisted ideas to get suitable rewards & free Incubation services for one year for business management, prototype development, funding & mentoring support via partner incubators
  • Reward and recognition to top 6 impactful ideas as SIDBI Environmental Champions.
  • Capacity building of selected innovators and promotion of entrepreneurship amongst the masses.
  • Fostering an enabling environment for the growth of startups and entrepreneurs in the waste management sector.
  • Recognising the potential ideas in the areas of waste management, circularity, upcycling, and recycling etc.
  • Providing a platform for the emergence of potential ideas in the waste management sector that can be scaled up, tested, and implemented at a larger scale.


Ideation stage startups/Researchers/College students operating and doing research in Waste management sector.

Participation and Selection Process:

Seven incubators from the Delhi-NCR incubator network, established under the SIDBI cluster intervention program, enthusiastically participated in the challenge, operating under the overall guidance of ISBA. The response was overwhelming, with 40 applications pouring in, each representing a unique approach to addressing environmental challenges. After a meticulous review, 15 ideas/innovations emerged as the frontrunners, earning a coveted spot in the virtual pitching round.

Virtual Pitching Round:

The 15 shortlisted innovators showcased their ideas/innovations in a virtual pitching round, presenting their visionary concepts to a distinguished jury comprising CEOs/Heads of the participating incubators. The presentations were a testament to the depth of talent and commitment to environmental sustainability within our community.

Winning Categories and Innovations:

Out of the 15 remarkable presentations, six outstanding applications were selected as winners, each standing out in distinct categories:

Startup -1: Indigenous Energy Storage Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (INDI ENERGY)

  • Category: Waste to Energy Solutions & Recycling Technologies
  • Innovation: Transforming agricultural waste into Sodium-ion batteries for applications like Light EVs and solar streetlights.
  • Impact: Empowering farmers, addressing air pollution, and promoting sustainable energy solutions.

Startup -2: Atkalapa Biotechnology LLP

  • Category: E-Waste, Food Waste, and Biomedical Waste Management
  • Innovation: Utilizing pineapple leaves and banana stems to create eco-friendly fiber materials for textiles.
  • Impact: Revolutionizing the textile industry with biodegradable and skin-friendly materials, reducing environmental impact.

Startup -3: Rajbala Prakritik Products Pvt Ltd.

  • Category: Responsible Waste Management Practices
  • Innovation: Harnessing cow dung and cow urine to produce natural, herbal, and organic products, empowering local villagers.
  • Impact: Fostering economic growth, providing employment, and promoting sustainable living practices.

Startup -4: BuffIndia Receptacles Private Limited

  • Category: Innovative Business Models for Economically Sustainable Waste Management
  • Innovation: Addressing cigarette waste through an e-commerce store (Mr. Butt by Buff India) and self-educative KIOSKs for waste collection.
  • Impact: Transforming cigarette waste into useful products and creating awareness about responsible disposal.

Startup -5: Pratheen Eco Solutions LLP

  • Category: Waste reduction, upcycling, and repurposing
  • Innovation: Using Black Soldier Fly cultivation as an eco-friendly approach for recycling kitchen and food waste into protein rich animal feed.
  • Impact: Focusing on innovative and sustainable waste management, this method is odor-free and contributes to reducing waste significantly.

Startup -6: Offset Global Technologies Private Limited

  • Category: Innovative methods for waste management in educational institutions
  • Innovation: A blockchain-based carbon rating and trading platform for Indian carbon market in conjunction with a digital solutions for evaluation of an organisation’s carbon emissions and carbon footprint.
  • Impact: The solution addresses the problem of transparency, traceability and double counting of carbon credits.

Recognition and Rewards:
These six exceptional innovations will be honoured as SIDBI Young Environmental Champions, receiving a well-deserved monetary reward as a token of appreciation for their invaluable contributions to environmental conservation. We applaud these champions for their dedication to driving positive change and leading the way toward a sustainable future.

Note: Selection of ideas for the award and incubation services is at the sole discretion of the jury constituted for this challenge.

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