Shantikalp Pvt. Ltd.

Shantikalp, is a Pune based company finding solutions to the challenges in day today life. The fast pace of life has taken a toll over health. A survey regarding this was carried with different set of people – professionals, house wives, students and workers. It was observed that stress need not have any particular reason to visit and similarly its impact on health. This has resulted in effecting the health of individuals. Hence, there is a need of diverting or disrupting the stress as it is comes and bringing the state of mind to the normal. A device to reduce the stress impacts on health timely is the product under this category. It is a simple and easy wearable that gives the record of the stress levels every moment, which is further used to reduce the stress timely. No medication or visit to hospital at that moment is needed, just bringing the stress level is done anywhere, anytime to anybody.

Domain: Health-Tech
Stage: Idea

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