Satish Pathak

We are a DPIIT recognized technology innovation startup engaged in offering industry agnostic automation systems and machines based on our patented Digital Controlled Valves for various liquid dispensing applications like automatic compounding, liquid filling, programmable dosing etc. This includes mechanical devices like valves, actuators, embedded electronic controllers, process automation software and instrumentation. The numerous process requirements across industry verticals need to dispense liquids of various physiochemical properties. Due to limitations of present valve types lot of customization is required to build machines and systems for liquid dispensing applications. Due to high customization CapEx, OpEx and Space requirements are more than double. Less accuracy results in cumulative losses. Collectively, across global industries these losses lead to USD 1000 Billion and is no exaggeration. We set new international standards for accuracy and precision that will result into these huge savings. Effectively, its a low carbon technology.

Domain: Others
Stage: Early Traction

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