Renergizr Industries private Limited

Manufacture Bio-fuels(Bio-hydrogen and packaging bags for industries) in Bio-refinery model using Dark fermentation Biotechnology process with microbial/enzymes treatment to disrupt agro biomass such as Sisal plant leaves and other agro waste

Smart Hybrid energy system consisting of :
Geothermal renewable energy based clean electricity generation system
Efficient transmission and distribution Carbon Nano Tube(CNT) cables having tensile strength of up to 100 times greater, density of just one-fifth that of steel, carry 1,000 times more current capacity than copper and display strength-to-weight ratio unmatched by any material
Energy storage in green hydrogen and Rechargeable Vanadium redox flow battery/fuel cell stack
Smart energy management system with super capacitors for monitoring and controlling integrated with smart micro grid

Domain: E-commerce

Stage: Growth & Scale

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