Pink Woolf

Pink Woolf is Indulgent Grooming for the Modern Man. We design & formulate products that are: 1. Deeply Moisturizing, 2. Use Minimal Chemicals, 3. Have Exotic Fragrances, and 4. Made in India at Affordable Rates. We are boot-strapped and served over 1.1 L customers with one-third of customers returning every 4 months. Our product range enables you to achieve the perfect shave with all products focused on eliminating shaving irritation and razor burns which in turn slows the premature ageing process in men. We currently sell via e-commerce and will utilize the funds to further our marketing efforts via technology to increase our retention and further penetration of our customer base. The men’s grooming market including fragrances will be Rs 35K Cr by 2027. Yet only a few brands are operating in this space and can become truly distinctive. With the increasing awareness level and per capita Income, Pink Woolf has a huge gap to fill in this evolving market.

Domain: E-commerce
Stage: Scaling

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