Nikita Shukla

Starshine Brands is a hospitality firm devoted to providing Indians with access to the greatest European and Mediterranean food, as well as the euphoric flavours of our special drinks, which are constantly available. Starshine brands collaborates with famous franchisees such as Brands & Branches to achieve our goals in the most efficient and consumer-friendly manner possible.
Our goal is to:
Starshine Brands is a hospitality firm with a mission to give access to the most exquisite European and Mediterranean meals throughout India. Our objective is to deliver to the people the euphoric essence of our distinctive drinks, which are always nearby.
Rather from providing just metropolises, SSB (Starshine Brands) has created an innovation that focuses on urban, emerging, or B cities. SSB embraced the challenge and will soon begin its chain, a range of restaurants (owned and franchised models) with a fantastic environment and a diverse menu. All urban cities with a local focus are grouped together under one roof.

Domain: Hospitality
Stage: Validation

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