Monkhood Living Solutions

It has always been an uphill battle for the students in finding the right rental property for themselves. The students living far away from their respective institutions, the migrants and the newcomers all of them need a place where they can live peacefully, continue to focus on their careers and let someone else worry about the basic necessities. Because that’s what we at Monkhood Living Solutions do. We strive to eliminate the rental hassles of students by providing them with affordable and pocket friendly houses on ZERO BROKERAGE. We assure their safety, independence, and carefree living. Whether they want an independent flat, a room with multiple roommates, or any other amenities and assistance, we are always here to help. We are not simply providing a property, we are providing a home. Enable us to meet all your rental needs in the best possible manner and help you enjoy an independent and peaceful lifestyle.

Domain: provides living space on rent/lease basis
Stage: Scaling

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