Children face turmoil when it comes to knowing their inborn potential, strengths, weaknesses and the suitable career options that are in tandem with how best their brain functions. When it comes to career decisions- largely influenced by marks, peer pressure, parental pressure and lack of knowing oneself. If these students are mapped at the outset about their inborn skill sets and potential to the career options, the incidence of psychological issues and waste of young minds can be prevented. This is where our solution- Brainoscope can help tremendously.We use BrainoscopeTM a patent- published, innovative scientific solutions to guide individuals towards careers aligning with their natural potential thereby achieving content & happiness. It maps inherent and potential talent of person through four non-invasive tests- Electroencephalogram (EEG)/Functional MRI (fMRI), DNA, Biological and Psychometric.

Domain: Others
Stage: Early Traction

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