TransportSimple provides solutions for vehicle owners and transporters to manage operations & accounts. The one-stop solution covers every aspect to organise administration, reduce efforts, & increasing profits. It includes creating Online LR, Trip Management, Invoicing, maintenance, tracking and more._x000d_
The story doesn’t stop here. Our vision is to use the data & instances generated from the software to provide value-added services to the customers exactly when they need them. The benefits include load board, marketplace, trip credit, insurance & more directly to clients from our one-stop shop. Instead of browsing through different companies, users instantly get the best solution for the requirement._x000d_
Use cases for data-driven services:_x000d_
1) Insurance sales based on documentation_x000d_
2) Book trips directly and pass invoices via APIs to the vendor_x000d_
3) Get a transit loan based on Consignment Note_x000d_
4) Suggest spares sales based on upcoming maintenance triggers and inventory stock

Stage: Scaling

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