Hemalatha Hariharan

Edible Routes is a sustainable urban farming organization that empowers people to grow their own food. Our goal is to ‘bring food closer to people and people closer to food’

Daily access to fresh, safe, clean and nutritious food is neither simple nor easy. Edible Routes solves this by enabling urban dwellers to grow their own food.

Our services are not only catered towards individuals with a green thumb; it’s designed to work for everyone, even for those with zero knowledge of growing food, and kindle an interest within them to explore & practice conscious food eating.

Our businessnes –
1.) Consultancy- Creating and maintaining natural food gardens ranging from 100 sqft. to 100 acres for individuals, families, food producers, institutions and organisations
2.) Farmlets-Providing monthly subscription to small farm spaces within cities combined with integrated farming services, helping urban families to grow their food just one to two hours away from their homes

Domain: Others
Stage: Scaling

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