Dream Provider Private Limited

PROVIDER has come up with a solution, Now finding the best PG, Hostels, Flat, and Rooms for students is much easier.
There, we have listed the properties and it is your turn to filter your desired home comfortably without having visited all the properties unnecessarily.
Finding Best Hostel/Room/PG/Flats on a single platform.
Students and owners have to pay 50 % Brokeragebut after the provider app there is no brokerage charge. option to compare Hostels/Room Facilities.
No option to know which room/hostel is still full/vacant.
Safety measures for Girls (History of Owner/Hostel).
Past records of properties and owners.
option to buy online Stationary items at the lowest market price.
Finding the best library with the best facilities nearby the hostel/home.
option to know the seat availability of the library online.
options to book online library seats and can sell their seats online to each other.

Domain: Ed-Tech

Stage: Early Traction

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