Deepak Anvesh’s Smart Waste Management Systems private Limited

Our idea of smart waste management system is the implement the technology and make the maximum untilization of waste to energy and recycling process. The technologies which will be used are Feeder with bag opener, Trommel. Magnetic seperator, Ballistic seperatortor, Shredder by which the sortation becomes less complex,more quality with quantity. The composting machine will also be implemented to treat the wet waste. In the planned MRF we can treat both the wet and dry waste which is daliy generated municipal waste. Our main object is to recycle and use the municipal waste to 100% and reducing the usage of natural resources. Restoration of degraded greenfield lands and reducing the emission of landfill gases. Protect the environment by improving the life habit of the humans by creating the awareness of waste management system and recycling process. The main motto of this SWMS is to create circular economy and to encorage recycling sector by which the local employment will be generaqted

Domain: Others
Stage: Validation

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