3R Zerowwaste Pvt Limited

Shiv Challa is a social entrepreneur, founder and CEO at 3R ZeroWaste Pvt limited Company. 3RZW is a sustainable waste management company working on a 360 degree waste solutions i.e Solid Waste, Plastic Waste, e-Waste, C&D waste, Hazardous Industrial waste, food waste and others.
We leverage technology in every thing we do , IOT devices for tracking of waste, Geo Spatial technology to monitor the entire world waste and Blockchain for rewarding citizens for proper segregation.
We are determined to follow UNDP SDG Goals and by 2030 we shall be India’s forefront organization into Waste. Our NGO wing works for creating skilled workers in waste management sector with proper education and skills transfer.
With 22 years of International Experience within 12 countries , Shiv came back to #CLEANINDIA.

Domain: IT Services

Stage: Go-to Market

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