Shapl Private Limited

Increasing consumer demand, limited health worker supply & escalating costs are driving health organizations to engage health consumers using digital tools. Personalizing these digital tools is vital to increase their effectiveness & promote positive health outcomes._x000d_
Saathealth’s B2B2C, AI powered, personalized digital therapeutics platform nudges health workers & consumers towards positive outcomes. Our AI algorithms allow us to predict user churn, provide AI powered recommendations and tailor adaptive, personalized experiences to health users based on their digital phenotypes. Saathealth’s AI powered platform allows health organizations to augment digital health engagement with health content and transactions, optimize marketing spends and increase user lifetime engagement and value._x000d_
Our indication agnostic platform is being developed for family health, maternal & child health, chronic diseases, neuropsychiatry disorders and health worker training, in India and ex-India markets. Our family health intervention has reached more than 9 million users across India since the beginning of 2022.

Stage: Scaling

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