Dr. Kripa Jalapathy


Kripa is a founder Director and CEO of Adjukines Applied Solutions Pvt. Ltd. She comes with a strong academic background combined with extensive R&D and IP experience of ~ 20 years. Kripa received her PhD from Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York, USA following which she had a stint as a post-doctoral researcher at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. She then went on to pursue IP law from National University of Singapore (NUS) while undergoing Patent Attorney training at the UK based firm Marks and Clerk, Singapore. Kripa has also completed her LLB (Hons) in India. Given her background in applied research, an in-depth knowledge in biological sciences coupled with patent expertise, she consulted for many academic institutions and biotech start-ups to formulate strategies on translating basic science discoveries into products. Her consultation begins at the stage of idea inception, building product differentiation, carving out niche IP space to life cycle management. She is currently heading Adjukines and is involved in its strategic and operational matters.


Biotechnology, Biomedical, Pharmaceuticals, IP management, scientific and legal due diligence, IP intelligence


Adjukines applied Solutions Pvt. Ltd.