Chandigarh Angels Network


Chandigarh Angels Network (CAN), founded in 2015, is a community of successful entrepreneurs turned angel investors in India. They are committed to supporting promising startups and helping them scale with their expertise. 

We generally focus on backing startups at the early stage of their journey, typically cutting the first cheque. We are both sector and geography agnostic when it comes to funding and investing up to USD 500K. Our journey of 7 years has been fruitful and we have strived to play an active role in the growing startup ecosystem.

Our 70+ angels have collectively sensitised over 12K entrepreneurs and mentored over 10K of them. We have a portfolio of 40 startups with some marquee exits.

Preferred startup investment stage:

Revenue: (Startup with MVP, Early Adopter/customers & Revenue), Growth: (Startup with Customers & Revenue – Mature Stage)

Number of startups funded: 40

Investments made: 40

Portfolio Value: 300Cr

Startup Investment Stage

Revenue (Startup with MVP, Early Adopter/customers & Revenue), Growth (Startup with Customers & Revenue – Mature Stage)

Focus Sector

Sector Agnostic

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