Yotuh Energy Private Limited

Our product is a smart electric refrigeration system for cold chain transportation vehicles. Unlike conventional diesel based refrigeration systems, this one is Independently powered by a Li-ion battery and equipped with a smart control mechanism. With the integrated sensors and IoT devices, Our system analyses the driving/delivery patterns and accordingly provides the smart cooling modes (Faster pull down, steady temperature control & battery optimized operations etc. Stand by mode of our system makes sure that the refrigeration system can run ANYWHERE on any single phase power supply and even in the case of vehicle breakdown.

For our customers, our system saves 80% of the refrigeration running expenses and increases their profit margins to 2x. Our system saves 40% of the total fuel consumed before by such reefer vehicles. We are the first one to enable the small cargo vehicle owners to convert their vehicles into refrigerated ones and cater the rising supply chain of perishables and frozen food in the intra-city delivery market. With our system, ANY type of SCV can be refrigerated! which was not possible until now. For the new coming Electric commercial vehicle, our system is the only green and clean active refrigeration solution to convert the EVs into reefer vehicles.


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