Roopam Gupta


Roopam Gupta
Co- Founder, Director – The Woman’s Company
Founder, Director – RnR Pad
BW – 40 under 40

I have 15 years of marketing lead experience with women and healthcare brands like Marks and Spencer, Bata India and Fortis. Also had the opportunity to be the Founder of a women healthcare business called The Woman’s Company for the last four years. After successfully spending years in martketing, barndinga dn building brands i have created my own company by the name of “RnR Pad” where i am helping boot strapped start ups to growth and reach a point of expansion of business, new product launches, brand building and eventually also multiply the investment they had at one point put into their dreams.

My only criteria for selecting a start up to be groomed is IMPACT. Both The Woman’s Company and The Bamboo Bae has sustainable, biodegradable, cruelty free and eco friendly and is also empowering artisans in villages to grow and support their fore families.


wellness services and products which are Impact Driven


RnR pad