Rachnaye is an ecosystem for book publishers, self-published authors, and readers of all Indian Languages. We have started our business as an aggregator of small to mid-size publishers of various languages across India, such as Hindi, Kannada, Tamil Etc. We solve the broken distribution channel limited reach post-pandemic problems for small and mid publishers across Indian languages. We help and support budding writers to start and get their styles validated across readers before they want to become full-fledge self-published authors. We are bringing an actual pay-per-use platform for readers, enabling editors to overcome their limited exposure with opportunities at the national level. Currently we are giving the Web application to Publishers and self-publishing authors, and an integrated vernacular mobile app is for readers to read the content of their choice in their preferred language and categories. Readers/Small writers can change the app language and reading language based on what they want and how they want to read. Readers can rent the books for weeks to months or purchase the books digitally and offline from the same platform.


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