Makhana Amrit Mantra Private Limited

Makhana AMRIT Mantra/ AMRIT Industries/ & Amrit Mantra Superfood are Global Food-Tech firms, with a presence in 12 countries & clients in 40 countries. ISO 9001:2005/22000:2018/HACCP/BRC Certified-QMS/Food Safety Management/Hazard Analysis.

Food-Tech-Innovators, PRIVATE/WHITE Label Manufacturers & Exporter of the finest SUPERFOOD SNACKS, COSMETICS, LIFESTYLE Products & Raw/Roasted/Flavored MAKHANAS/POPPED WATER LILY SEEDS/FOX NUTs. We go Global with a variety of products-Flavored Makhana Pops & Powder, Pre&Post Pregnancy & Baby food, Breakfast Cereals & Energy Bars, FREEZE & Vacuum DRIED Fruits. Patented/IP Products, Technology & Equipment to go commercial, globally.

Inquiries welcome from Distributors, Retailers, and Franchise partners on our License policy

“GRAB the first-mover advantage with high ROI, be the darling of your customers, making your competitors green with envy partnering with us”

Pioneers in Promoting, Positioning Makhanas as a healthier alternative to popcorn & junk food on a global stage. Creating awareness of the health benefits of Makhanas. Aiming to catapult from a 50 million $ industry to a potential 15 billion $ industry in the next 12-15 years. We’re a team of Seasoned Global Technology & Business professionals based in Singapore, India, PH, VN, UAE, UK, Spain, Germany, Russia, USA, and Canada.

Domain: Fin-Tech

Stage: Commercialised

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