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Nurturing Dreams Catalysing Growth:

Every business needs money to establish and grow. Every founder has the dream to get funded. You are looking for funding, that’s why you are here. We help businesses achieve their fundraising goals and create their brand presence with a successful strategy. Helped more than 1000 startups and SMEs in growth and turnaround through funding, mentoring and advising.

1. Venture Partner – Ah! Venture, WFC, Soonicorn Ventures etc

2. Investment Specialist – @Lemon Ideas – An startup ecosystem

3. GrowthX Platinum Member – Hem Securities Ltd

4. Business Strategy & Fundraising Expert – MSMEx

5. Syndicate – Invstt Fund / We The Founder

6. Startup Mentor – Stanford Seed, NASSCOM 10000 Startups

Preferred startup investment stage:

Revenue: (Startup with MVP, Early Adopter/customers & Revenue) Growth: (Startup with Customers & Revenue – Mature Stage)

Number of startups funded: 5

Investments made: 50L

Portfolio Value: 100L

Startup Investment Stage

Revenue (Startup with MVP, Early Adopter/customers & Revenue), Growth (Startup with Customers & Revenue – Mature Stage)

Focus Sector

Fintech, HealthTech, IOT, Technology, IT/ITeS, eCom, HORECA, FoodTech, Medtech, Sector agnostic

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