Bikalp Herbals Private Limited

Dear Sir,
India has a traditional knowledge of health and therapeutic benefits of herbs and spices from centuries.

Taking a lead from traditional knowledge Vikalp Herbals was established in the year 2020 with an objective of providing quality herbal food products, for healthy living. Bikalp Herbals Private Limited was incorporated in Nov 2021. For the said purpose we selected herbs having a scientific basis for their usefulness and are procured from genuine suppliers of authentic and quality herbs.

Our motto and objective is to be a trustworthy and innovative leader in providing genuine herbal products at affordable price for health and well being. We are also committed to promote and support to true wellness by providing dedicated services.

The key concerns about stress in daily life are its impact, on professional and personal life. Increased level of stress leads to anxiety and nervousness which creates a direct impact on work of the working professional. The prime concern is that stress, anxiety and nervousness among the co-workers creates a negative impact on the growth of the business which consequently disturbs the professional growth of the individual. In such situation the personal life of the professional is also disturbed imposing heavy medical expenses on the individual and family leading to disturbed healthy life. The key concern is to manage the stress to lead healthy life.

Domain: Health-Tech
Stage: Early Traction

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