Avexa Systems Pvt Ltd

Avexa Systems is integrating the fragmented healthcare ecosystem in a single platform which can be used and customized as per the requirements of all the partners involved in providing quality healthcare to public. Be it individuals, insurance companies, governments, pharma companies, hospitals or alternative wellness providers, Avexa Systems’ platform “Canvara” has it covered. The platform has been designed to keep in mind most secure standards, meets all regulatory compliances issued by FDA, HL7, HIPAA, SNOMED and is future ready with integration points available for IoT devices (IoMT) and Blockchain based solutions. Canvara is a connected healthcare platform for insurance companies, governments, hospitals, corporates and individuals.

Canvara platform is essentially a data platform with enables seamless data exchange between participants and provides cutting edge analytics on this data and automates workflows for better healthcare delivery. Canvara uses AI and ML to reduce the total cost of care (TCOC) for individuals and in the process brings efficiency both for healthcare providers as well as Insurance companies and Governments at large.

Our customers are: 1. Individuals 2. Insurance Companies 3. Corporates 4. Governments 5. Pharma Companies 6. Healthcare Providers 7. Device (IoMT) Manufacturers

Domain: Food Processing

Stage: Early Traction

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